egypt revolution

My Heart Leaps With Arab Spring (Article)

It was a moment for jubilation for Libyans n’ people like us worldwide, when Gaddafi was captured n’ killed, wasn’t it? The pictures of him being tortured n’ sabotaged by the hands of Libyans was no heart wrenching but something signifying a victory, a moment of joy, like it feels when the Grand Statue of Ravana is shot n’ burned at Dasheera  —- October 20, 2011, this special day marked the moment to not shy from Foreign media, but come out of ones’ home, dens, shops n’ celebrate the liberation of Modern Libya, dance n’ sing with friends n’ family, with heart leaping forth with the news of ending Tyranny after long, long 42 years…

It hasn’t been so long since the Arab Spring started! Wasn’t it just at the end of last year!? So soon, n’ upon such a short notice, we achieved  things we only dreamed n’ thought of, for millennium; thoughts of freedom, covered and grounded with fears and reprisals.

arab springThe first to face the challenge of blind Autocracy were Mighty Tunisians! Started with the self immolation of Mohammad Bouazizi, “who was a Tunisian street vendor. He set himself on fire on 17 December 2010, in protest of the confiscation of his wares and the harassment and humiliation that he reported was inflicted on him by a municipal official and their aides.”(~Wikipedia), it enraged an anger in Silent Tunisians to rise from their Ghettos’ and fight. The fight to Revolution’s dream come true. His death sparked the flame of mutiny among them to fight against the tyranny of then government, Ben Ali. Ali got his share of profit for gambling with the raw emotions of his fellow countrymen.

Tunisian Revolution was the first in the line to overthrow a Tyrant State, successfully, in the middle east. It was followed by Egypt (overthrowing Hosini Mubarak) and lately Libya. The flame wasn’t just a spark, but it had became a voluptuous, enraging fire when it reached Syria, Egypt n’ Libya. Though some aren’t successful in overthrowing theirs’, but it did create the want for liberation, among Arabs, and has transfused the same to western societies, which now is taking the shape of Occupy Wall Street or Occupy Capitalists’ Corporation.

Tunisia, Egypt n’ Libya did saw the biggest n’ brightest form of revolution-jubilation. The idea for change that they shared was adopted by thousands n’ millions over a day. The Fall Regime Propaganda waspropitious n’ successful enough venture for them. Within days, Mr. President resigned and suffered a delightful stroke, another President fled like a coward, n’ The ultimate King of Africa got shot and filmed posthumously. A parting gift from The Oppressed to the ousted Oppressors!

The jubilation of the crowd was immense. It was a crowd to see at Tahrir Square, Benghazi n’ Tunis. They were all lit through the night ,and feasting occurred for days.



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