Traveling Trails of Lamatar

December 30, 2011,  9:13am

We reached Lubhu Gate, Lalitpur. The weather was too cold to resist. Sitting at the back of a bike, my face and naked hands were frozen. We were making our way to Lamatar, Sisneri, in the southern outskirts of Kathmandu. There were 4 motorcycles with 8 person each, followed by 10-20 more in a van behind us. Iwas riding on the back of Nitin’s bike. Others in the queue were Shreedeeep with Samrat, Swoyam with Anuradha and Narayan with Jenisha.

Situated at the hills, Kathmandu can be too cold sometimes. We got out of our bikes and started chatting about odd stuffs, basking under the  morning sun. Locality of Lubhu was busy, people were rushing to their destinations. When we saw our van coming near, and we got back on the bike and start riding for our destination.


Everyone was at the base of Sisneri, Lamatar. We now had to hike up to the hills which was more than 2,000ft above the base. As there we no porters, we had to carry our bags, utensils and cooking materials by ourselves. I carried a bag of peas and some odd stuffs. I was quite lucky, where others were carrying huge speakers, cooking pots, gas cylinders and so on. It was a long hike and adrenaline pumping task, so we started warming up. The way was narrow and with no support at either side. The view of Kathmandu valley was looking amazing from the hill we were at. The chitchats and pranks on the way to the top were amusing enough to entertain us all the way.


We reached at the top of the hill, and had started doing assigned stuffs. Some we busy cutting vegetables, some were heating water and so on. We had loads of things to do in a day, so we started quick. The view of valley below was amazing from the top, and I managed to take couple of best shots. Like me, others were enjoying taking pictures. There was a small hut at the place we stayed, but it was abandoned. It was served best to take a shelter, in the scorching heat. The games we played were good, and the food was pretty good. There were almost 30 of us, so managing the whole crowd was quite difficult, however, we all were in our best behaviour so there was no problem at all.


We back packed out stuffs and started running down the hills. As we have not expected, the downhill hike was difficult than the uphill, because the way was slippery and muddy. Thank Gosh, I didn’t topple and fell down!

It was an awesome day, with awesome people. What a perfect way to end 2011 and welcome the new year. All tired and happy made their way back to their home sweet home.





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