Review & Synopsis: The Artist (2011)

~Review & Synopsis~

The year 2011 produced one of the finest movie in the history of Film Making (Hollywood), “The Artist” is not a just movie, it is an untold story of yesteryear Actors (Silent Movie) who were dismayed from the arena of Theater and Entertainment, when ‘their ‘Audiences’ desired for a change (Talkies). An Actor, at one time, with his given talents and aura, rules the crowd, for his attainment of crowd’s need, and at the other time, the same man is thrown out of his possessions, mighty and pride, for his failure to meet crowd’s ever changing need.

jean dujardin

In Studio -“Jean Dujardin

Directed by Michel Hazanavicius (Renowned French Film-maker), starring Jean Dujardin and Berenice Bejo,“The Artist” sketches the Silent Picture of late 20s’ and early 30s’, a romantic melodrama. George Valentin, the leading actor of his time, is a man of pride. Acting meant everything to him. Peppy Miller, the leading lady, is charming and caring, unlike actresses of those time who forget the kindness of others. It doesn’t take much time for them to realize they love eachother, but just afraid of commitment. Their lives take a drastic turn, when George loses his career in Silent film, and Peppy comes out as the leading actress of newborn Talkies….

berenice bejo

Berenice Bejo

Michel hasn’t left any of his effort to make the film a perfect 20s’ flick. The fast moving plots, intertitles, old Chevy, tuxedo, thin mustache, and curly blonde hair, gives life to the script. Though the film is all about act -the movements and gestures, one is not hurdled by the complexity of not understanding what the actors are trying to explain. The smooth play is handy enough to give impression about the happenings and situations, and particularly what the actors want to say. Intertitles are kept low.

Jean does full justice to his character, so does Berenice and other actors. It’s a masterpiece given by Michel. I wonder $15m can give you 5 Oscars, and numerous other prestigious awards.




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