ten federal units suggestd by maoist based on ethnicity

Should Nepal be Divided on The Ethnic Ground?

The so called UCPN -M (United Communist Party of Nepal -Maoists) and MJF (Madhesi Janadhikar Forum), two different political factions of Nepal, suggested that the nation should be demarcated on the basis of Identity, or in clear words on Ethnic and Cultural ground. I wonder, if political parties of Nepal will ever have a clear picture of our country and its future? Do they have any idea what sort of economic and social changes may occur over the time and will it make a human life prosperous? Have they seen any nation growing and prospering on an ethnic-based governance?

“Federalism is a system of division of power from top to bottom and bottom to top in terms of decision making and people’s access to government. It does not mean the division of land, but resources and system of governance…”

Federalism is about demarcation of provinces on the basis of economic capabilities, growth prospects, and the ability to mobilize local resources. Nepal is a landlocked and geographically smaller nation with a minimal Per Capita Income and least-impressive standard of living, therefore, they need to think about empowering their citizens, building up their purchasing power, growing basic standard of living and make capital investments, all by utilizing the limited resources and technology we have in-hand.

ten federal units suggestd by maoist based on ethnicity

10 Federal Units suggested by UCPN (M), based on Ethnicity

Cultural differences is never a precursor to dissect a region, yet, establish a colony of like-minded and same cultured group of people. We, South Asians,  are easily persuaded by a just cause to fight or kill someone. Isn’t this’s how the CPN (M) came into the power; by manipulating raw emotions of poor and uneducated, socially backward and rights deprived nationals, devouring massive votes into their account. They gave a hope for equal opportunity and overall development, which never happened, however, they built the base of those hopes on the human emotions and racially driven ideas.

nepali parties strike deal for unity government

Political Parties of Nepal strike a consensus to form a Unity Government

Nepal, with the population of 29,959,364[ref], Gross Domestic Product of US$ 18.219 billion [ref] and Per Capita Income of $640 [ref], it has still got a long way to compete with other neighboring nations.

The division of state based on majority of an ethnic population in the region is a whimsical idea. Do we want a Civil War, yet at a large scale, in Nepal?

I will never go along with such a moronic idea ever! It’s up to the majority of people in Nepal now to decide our collective fate.

This is what Pradip Nepal CPN UML Leader, has to say about Ethnically-driven demarcation of a nation.


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