A Gaming Sensation, Angry Birds & Rovio’s Collaboration with NASA



I had just bought my LG Android Optimus, when Angry Birds was first launched by Rovio Entertainment Ltd. Not knowing what a thing it is, I passed it off. Later I knew, it became a sensation overnight. I downloaded it in my phone and played it all day and night. I wonder, how many of us, the Smart Phone Owners, downloaded Angry Birds and spent entire time clearing the levels?

It is fun! The epic battle of Birds and Pigs! Angry Birds grudging at one end, the revenge for the theft of their eggs, and Pigs at the other end, blocking their way to their goal. Catapulting the birds, one by one, targeting the castle of Pigs, smashing their dynasty and taking the Eggs back, what a thrilling excitement that is!

The Beginning of Angry Birds

Rovio Entertainment Ltd, a Finnish Mobile Gaming Company, first developed the idea of Angry Birds in early 2009. The team of developers started a $140K project with the concept of producing an arcade game -Birds Vs Pigs. The prevalence of swine-flu during the time, convinced the developers to launch Pigs as the arch rival of the protagonists -Birds.

Finally, the beta-product was launched in 2009, in iOS platform. With word to mouth marketing, Angry Birds was an overnight success. The full version was launched in ios, android and other smart phone platforms, eventually. The game with mere investment grossed more than $70M, by 2011.

From Angry Birds, Angry Birds Seasons, Angry Birds Rio to Angry Birds Space, Rovio has succeeded into building a most profitable game.

Angry Birds in Popular Culture, and the Success

By March 2012, Angry Birds has been downloaded 1 billion times, and more as the day passes by. It must have contributed a major revenue for the company, with paid downloads accounting for more than 25% of total downloads.

The collaboration with many other companies into launching merchandises and goodies has helped the company to profit a lot, contributing heftily into 48 Million Euros net revenue of Rovio.

The theme of Angry Birds was used in the popular Israeli comedy show ‘Eretz Nehederet’ and the video went viral in the internet. “Angry Birds peace Treaty,” has more than 11million views in YouTube.

An Indian company Geek Mentors Studio launched “Angry Anna,” a game designed as online activism supporting Hazare’s campaign against ruling political party of India.

Collaboration with NASA, and the Launch of “ANGRY BIRDS SPACE”

The success of Angry Birds lately pulled NASA into the gaming business. Rovio released “Angry Birds Space” for iOS, Android and Mac Desktop, in March 2012, marking its first collaboration with NASA. It provided NASA an opportunity to share a core concept of space exploration: GRAVITY, through the gaming culture. It’s an utmost chance for NASA to populate information and knowledge into today’s gaming culture, and encourage young participants to learn.

>>Learn More about Microgravity and Trajectory

Angry Birds Space follows the similar theme of the Angry Birds franchise but is set in Zero-Gravity. The game play is more challenging as you trick shot your way around objects and planets using gravity from objects and planetary objects.

Rovio has promised to launch many new series on Angry Birds, and their collaboration with NASA implies that they’d definitely plan something bigger in the future. It was predicted to be a One Hit Wonder by many Tech and Gaming Pundits, however, Rovio is proving them wrong, and is making Angry Birds as an interesting and irresistible game every steps forward.


Official Site of Rovio Entertainment Ltd.
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