Batman Begins

The Dark Knight Rises (2012): Synopsis & Analysis of the Phantom Character

~Synopsis of The Dark Knight Rises~

The 3rd installment in the Batman series by Christopher Nolan, The Dark Knight Rises is an elementary mystery, neo-noir, crime-drama, but an Action Spoof. The most impressive aspect of the movie is its realistic portrayal of its Protagonist (Batman) in a real world situation, and the rationality of his decision making. A rational output of the movie is compared to the real life crisis on Earth.

the dark knight rises synopsis and character development

Some critics say, it is a SuperHero movie without a SuperHero, and I totally agree with it. I find the protagonist as an ordinary human being with special skills, condimented with worldly vices and virtues. A superficial, alien typo Superhero (Spiderman, Superman or Thor) shouldn’t have existed in this very movie, otherwise I would have considered it as contamination. The latest avatar of the batman is a mere human being, who is an icon of Confidence, example of Paragon, Justice seeker and Tolerant.

Nolan’s comparison of the protagonist hasn’t just been with a superficial, action spoof hero, but to a person in a real life, person like me or like you, person with rational decisions. It is an occurrence of realization that SuperHero lives inside every human being, and we need to realize it. Batman is a mere representation of a human ego and action, but with high value and morality. A real hero of the society exists in every correct citizen of the world, and in them who live for justice and equality. The thing which the protagonist inspires us is to is to have wit and guts to fight for it and for others.

The death of the protagonist at the end signifies a real death, with no chances or revival, unless Dick Grayson takes his place, but we don’t see any Dick Grayson in the movie. A Hero is a mere human being, with a sure death, but it is their action that defines their character, and their significance of being called a HERO.

Batman Begins

“The protagonist sees his parents being murdered. After years of turmoil and soul-searching, he finds a rational person inside himself, who seeks justice at any cost. Batman Begins has seen the creation of Batman, his impulse to save the corrupt and crime-convicted Gotham City from Ras’ Al Gul. The protagonist survives and saves the day, only to find The Joker turning his city into chaos, in The Dark Knight. In the process, he loses his best friend, and other people he loves. For the sake of justice, he defeats The Joker and brings peace to the society. The peace which is built around a lie, a lie he and his commissioner friend find essential to ensure good deeds to remain among the citizens.
It brings the protagonist to The Dark Knight Rises, 8 years after the death of Harvey Dent. Things are going well, and the society is secured. Then comes Bane, the antagonist of the story who seeks revenge from Batman and feels the necessity of burning Gotham down to ensure Ras’ Al gul’s vision to materialize. It is where the protagonist fights his last fight, once and or all.”

The film moves in a much slower pace, but it builds a mounting sensation at the time it approaches the Climax. The re-generation of older characters and the re-connection of older plots, creates a mysterious story inline where the viewers find themselves. The unfolding of the mystery is ecstatic and seeing the challenge for the protagonist who has retired and seeking alternative options for life is more or less inspiring.

The increasing vengeance from bane and the fear of losing Gotham, recreates the protagonist for his last mission, to make people realize the need of justice and benevolence in society, with his sacrifice.


~Development of The Phantom Character~

Created by Bob Kane and Bill Finger, due to the emergence of the requirement of a SuperHero, during late 30s’, Batman created a sensation among the mass readers, since it hit the stores. It attracted avid readers from all background, from school studs, married men, job holders, to the experts of psychology and literature, everyone started digging into the story and mystery of Batman. The Alter-ego of Bruce Wayne has intrigued people for such a long time that the character never dies, and takes various forms after its physical death, but with the same morality and actions.

Dark Knight Rises

The inspiration from the phantom character has created other similar characters, but in a different form, and with greater or lesser similar qualities and ego. Even Bob wouldn’t have thought that his character will have such unsolved personality and unseen depth, or that would it attract such a ratification.

A billionaire playboy, hides himself into a dark cowl to protect his city from evil? Why doesn’t he show himself up? The truth of Bruce Wayne remains a mystery even after his death. A person with greater feeling of sacrifice and selflessness, with no intention or interest of garnering public goodwill, he must be some preacher, saint or some insane.

Scholars William Uricchio and Roberta E. Pearson noted in the early 1990s,

Unlike some fictional characters, the Batman has no primary urtext set in a specific period, but has rather existed in a plethora of equally valid texts constantly appearing over more than five decades.

Frank Miller sees the character as

a dionysian figure, a force for anarchy that imposes an individual order.


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