Unexpected Happening on the Morning of February 7, 2012

Tuesday’ February 7, 2012

The Sighting

It was a normal day, like any other day. I and my colleagues were having a cup of tea in the Office’s Veranda. What I saw that moment changed my entire day. After what I saw it was no more a day like any other day before.

I happened to see an unusual pattern of cloud over the sky. It was like a long line over the sky, starting from East and ending to West. My first guess was that I happen to see an unusual cloud today, but then I thought over it, made some comparisons and thought over it again. I observed and concluded that it can’t be just clouds, it is something special. No clouds made such a pattern in the sky ever, it has to be something unnatural. May be it was a plane flew by in a great speed, or may be a spy-plane, or a UFO (Highly Unlikely Idea which was forced upon me).

Unusual Sighting over the Sky in Kathmandu

The Aftermath

What else Shree Dai (My colleague) needed then?! He found it Sensational. As fond of posting latest and freakiest news online, he found this topic no lesser than a niche content, and decided to post it over the internet.

Seriously, I was pulled into it. I had to stand there and report the sighting in a video. It was damn weird, to stand there and talk, and more importantly to even think about posting a hoax, News over GroundReport and CNN ireport.

The video was made, and a fine piece on the topic was written, which went LIVE. Immediately, it started to attract many visitors, and public started to respond to the NEWS. More than 4000 people cared to look over the piece in GroundReport, and numerous views on the video.

That day changed my life. I started to believe, people love to read, and they’ll read anything, the condition being -it has to be SENSATIONAL.

The piece on GroundReport
The piece on CNN ireport


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