(Pick of the Week) Reinhold Messner -Who Revolutionized Climbing for Ever!!

He was the first to climb 14 Eight-Thousander, and Everest without bottled Oxygen, twice!! He led revolution in climbing, and gave birth passion to die for!

With the loss of his younger brother during his first ever 8,000er summit of Nanga Parbat, Messner hardened himself and went overboard on mountaineering achievements that none ever achieved in their life.

messner habeler garabato

messner habeler garabato

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Superhumanly determined, Reinhold Messner has pursued his uncompromising vision to reach the summits of Earth’s highest peaks—and beyond.

~National Geographic

Reinhold Messner is the Rainmaker in Climbing/Mountaineering fraternity! I’ve been tending to write about Reinhold Messner (my favorite) for quite sometime. They say, “with Great power comes Great responsibility,” Messner was well gifted with Great powers; a power to hold oneself, challenge the unknown, push beyond the limit and take the guts out in whatever one does, and even greater responsibility to let know the world that Nothing is Impossible. He proved the Grit and Passion is what drives human desire.

Creating awareness among peers about the greatness and purity of Mountains and warning them to not ruin its beauty has been Messner’s prime agenda lately.


With first successful ascent of Everest without the support of Bottled Oxygen (which he describes as “by fair means”), Messner proved that climbing…

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