Norman smiling in the last scence

Psycho (1960)

A Magnum Opus, a Cult, a movie of epic proportion, a brilliant visual production; whatever one says about ‘Pscyho’, is lesser to describe the film. One of great classic American films, Psycho is also the greatest film ever made by Alfred Hitchcock.

Hitchcock started making it when his previous films were failing to attract audience and critics alike and his personal life was in turmoil. With the support of his wife, Hitchcock completed the film and it indefinitely became one of his greatest crafts ever.

It also gave a huge break to the upcoming actor Anthony Perkins. The film inspired the popular TV series Bates Motel and many films that followed later.


Psycho Poster

Psycho (1960) Official Poster

Psycho (1960) is Alfred Hitchcock’s own blood and soul. Despite being filmed entirely in Black & White during the time of Technicolor films, it still managed to capture audiences’ attention and them in larger number to the theaters. Psycho is a Thriller Drama with the motive of portraying the underlying criminal intents of humans. For every person is a potential criminal.

The film primarily deals with the theme of criminal psychology. It can be said that it’s a batter of neo-noir mashed with Suspense and Thriller.

Simpler narration, well composed scenes and unique sound effects are some of the USPs of the film. Most of the techniques were never tried before in any of Hitchcock’s films. Especially, the shower scene when Marion Crane (Janet Leigh) is brutally stabbed and murdered by Norman Bates (Anthony Perkins) really imposes itself into you.

Over the time, the film earned the cult status. Many films that followed later were more or less inspired by Psycho. American Psycho (2000) and Bates Motel (TV Series) are the prime examples of it.

Norman Bates, the favorite villain

Norman smiling in the last scence

Norman sarcastically smiling at the end of the film

Norman Bates (played by Anthony Perkins) tends to be one of the popular reel life subjects of (Criminal) psychologists and experts worldwide. He preys on women. Norman suffers from Disassociated Identity Disorder, where he generally lives two different life. The experts believe, due to his strict and imposing mother, Norman at a young age started detesting women. The passion for killing may have come from this.

Norman as a faithful and caring son generally stands out as the hero of the film. His sad past evokes empathy and his wrongdoings supposedly aren’t his faults. He even makes Marion realize her mistake and shakes up her conscience. It is here when Marion is self-absorbed with guilt for embezzling money, Norman brutally kills her. These multiple facets of Norman’s personality makes him one of the favorite villains of modern cinema.


View of Phoenix, Arizona

View of Phoenix, Arizona, as shown at the beginning

Marion Crane making love with her boyfriend

Marion Crane and her boyfriend after making love in a hotel room, decide to run away with embezzled money

Marion tries fleeing the city after embezzling $40,000 of her Boss's money

Marion tries fleeing the city after embezzling $40,000 of her Boss’s money

Marion driving through Interstate 10

Marion drives through Interstate 10

Bates Motel Sign

Marion decides to spend the night at Bates Motel, owned by Norman Bates

Norman Bates telling his story

Norman Bates, the motel owner, talks about his life to Marion

Marion lying dead

After a while, Marion is dramatically killed while taking a shower by a mysterious looking woman, possibly Norman’s mother

Norman dumps Marions and her car in a pond

The obedient Norman dumps Marion and her car in a nearby pond to hide his mother’s crime

Norman scared with Detectives questions

A Detective is sent from Phoenix to investigate on Marion’s whereabouts. He questions Norman but finds nothing

Norman outsmarts the detective

Norman assumes he manged to fool the detective

Norman crosdressed as his mother trying to kill lila

Marion’s sister Lila tries unfolding her sister’s absence. In the process, she finds Norman killed her sister. Norman generally cross-dressed and killed his victims,

Corpse of Nroman Bates deceased mother

In a lonely chamber of his house, Norman hid the corpse of his dead mother

Norman confined in psychiatric ward

Police finally nabs Norman and sends him to a psychiatric ward. It’s revealed that he’s suffering from Disassociated identity disorder.

Psycho (1960)

Directed by Alfred Hitchcock, Written by Robert Bloch, Starring: Anthony Perkins, Janet Leigh, John Gavin, Vera Miles and others

Distributed by Paramount Pictures (Original) & Universal Pictures



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