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Why Liverpool should and will win English Premier League this Season?

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Walk on, walk on, with hope in your heart

And you’ll never walk alone
You’ll never walk alone

Back in time

Liverpool F.C. (The Reds), a team that has grabbed more European titles than any other English team, has won a total of 18 English Premier league titles in its entire history. The 10 consecutive season wins by The Reds from 1975-76 to 89-90 was considered the greatest period of their Footballing career. They defined the best in sports.

The Reds conquered the game. They made Anfield a mecca of Football, where more than 40K supporters came to pray and relish the greater game.

Total Wins in Liverpool’s Career:-

  • 18 English Premier League titles
  • 5 European Champions League titles
  • 3 UEFA Cups
  • 3 UEFA Super Cups
  • 7 FA Cups
  • 8 Football League Cups

The Great Drought (1990-2012)

Liverpool had the worst time of its life post-1990, which brought a drought in wins. Their arch-rivals, Manchester United, took the game away from them. What Bill Shanky and Bob Paisley did for The Reds couldn’t be repeated, and we lost, we faltered, we became a scapegoat and constant punchbag for criticisms and mockery for next 23 years.

23 Years have passed since we won our last premier league title, but the passion for ultimate win and hunger for greater game hasn’t died within us. We surmised in that time. The harder times have finally passed for the greater future, which is yet to begin.

The Revival: Post-2012

2013/2014, so far, has proved to be a prosperous season for The Reds and its fanatics worldwide. With 23 wins of the total 33 matches, we reign supreme and lead the board with 74 points (As of April 6/14)

Our game has changed, and we have not only started winning but making a history of our own. The 2012/2013 brought a fresh taste to Liverpool with the acquisition of  striker Daniel Sturridge and advanced playmaker Philippe Coutinho into the team.

Jersey No. 7 & 8

Luis Suarez, the powerhouse of Liverpool, needed a backforce to help elevate his game, and came Sturridge ad Coutinho who not only excelled in their own skills but helped pushed Suarez to his prime. With 29 goals this season, Suraez is definitely flying high!

Liverpool Jersey # 7 & 8

Liverpool Jersey # 7 & 8

Who can forget the epic game between The Reds and Man U that took place in Old Trafford on March 16/14, when the latter lost the very match with 0-3 goals against The Reds. O! It was Epic! Beating Man U at their home was the sweetest of our pleasures yet.

The Reds’ momentum has been growing stronger, with consecutive wins in the last 5 matches, while Chelsea and Man City are stuttering. Man U is far behind the rally, along with Arsenal. With 5 games left this season, The Reds’ hopes are flying high.

Steven Gerrard has come forward as the mighty force of believe, trust and inspiration. His commandment has led the team to 23 wins so far this season, the highest. Gerrard, El Capitán, can lead the path to win, along with his trusted lieutenants, Suarez and Sturridge.

Liverpool should win the premier league this season because it’s in its best form yet and is hardly beatale, and it will win because we have Rodgers, Gerrard and Suarez along with others making up a finest team ever.

Best Moments from 2013-14 Season


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