5 Design Essentials for a SEO Friendly Website

Either you’re selling a product through your website or advocating your services online, everything boils down to how web users perceive your website. A major ranking factor in Google is determined by your website’s usability; how your website design appeals to your users and how does Google perceive your website.

An ethical approach to make a website appealing for web users and search engines is defined by the use of SEO friendly practices. All you need to do is follow the basic rules of incorporating essential elements into your website design.

Design Essentials for SEO Friendly Website


#1 W3C compliance/Web quality & standards
#2 Conversion targeted webpage layout and types of landing pages
#3 Website rudiments
#4 Web aesthetics, and evaluating web aesthetics
#5 Benefits of reducing page weight

Total Page: 14

Download it Here, or find a copy at ResearchGate.net



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