Nature Wonders [Photo Story]

Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better. [Regarder profondément dans la nature, et alors vous comprendrez tout mieux.]

~Albert Einstein

A Flickering Candle [Photo Story]

“How far that little candle throws its beams! So shines a good deed in a naughty world (Dans quelle mesure cette petite bougie jette ses rayons! Donc, brille une bonne action dans un monde corrompu)

~ William Shakespeare



How I Learned to Stop Worrying & Love the Content Curaton Instead

My personal approach to Smart Content Marketing led to higher visibility and engagement for my content, along with producing quality link backs from authoritative websites. Its approach is to utilize content curation for achieving greater content marketing needs.

Content curation can organize a large set of information in one place for the readers as per their interest. The readers find the information from a single platform. Used as a marketing tool, the curation helps to raise the publication of businesses’ information for the online readers, as well as, create backlinks for the contents you want the engagement for.

#1 What is content marketing
#2 What is content curation?
#3 How to curate content
#4 Content curation best practices

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The Evolution of Social Media: 2004-2014 [Infographics]

Media Vision has recently published an Infographic showing the timeline of changing facets of Social Media, from 2004-2014. The advent of internet has led to a boom of digital marketing. A lack of presence in the internet is considered a sign of illiteracy by digital marketers and internet pundits.

Social Media, a social hub for exchanging information in return of good referrals, has been the buzz since the innovation of digital marketing. An intelligent approach to manage social media can create a brand awareness among many online customers. From a targeted Fb post to a 140 character led tweet, social media awareness can be a pivotal step in redefining business goals.

Social Media Evolution: 2004-2014

Social Media Evolution: 2004-2014

5 Design Essentials for a SEO Friendly Website

Either you’re selling a product through your website or advocating your services online, everything boils down to how web users perceive your website. A major ranking factor in Google is determined by your website’s usability; how your website design appeals to your users and how does Google perceive your website.

An ethical approach to make a website appealing for web users and search engines is defined by the use of SEO friendly practices. All you need to do is follow the basic rules of incorporating essential elements into your website design.

Design Essentials for SEO Friendly Website


#1 W3C compliance/Web quality & standards
#2 Conversion targeted webpage layout and types of landing pages
#3 Website rudiments
#4 Web aesthetics, and evaluating web aesthetics
#5 Benefits of reducing page weight

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