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Is Porn a Modern form of Voyeurism, and is latter a Crime??

The compulsion to seek sexual gratification by secretively looking at sexual objects or acts; the actions of a Peeping Tom.

Voyeurism gratifies sexual arousal, so does the Pornography! The concept of pornography is described by the ideas of taking sensual learning to the next level, so does Voyeurism!

Voyeurs are motivated by the curiosity of experiencing moments that generate sexual gratification, sensual pleasures or answer simple queries on ‘anatomy’. Peeping through a window or a key hole, setting up a discreet camera in a room or watching from inside the cupboard, are few prime voyeuristic acts that we know of, and couldn’t deny of not doing at least once a lifetime.

One major similarity between these two is that we don’t watch Porn in public neither do we voyeur around in front of others. Both are a covert mission operated at own risk. These days, with the advent of digital entertainment; TV, Internet and Cell phones, and quicker access to information, the whole hubbub of enjoying porn has been much easier, so has been the act of hiding oneself in a corner and exploring the world of sexual fantasies which we once enjoyed through a key hole.

Is Voyeurism a Crime, and can it be Prevented?

Caraglio Voyeurism

“Mercury and Herse”, scene from The Loves of the Gods by Gian Giacomo Caraglio, showing Mercury, Herse, and Aglaulos © Wikipedia

Many nations do consider voyeurism to be a grave crime. Though the rules and the treatment of the crime may differ, societies have never denied referring it as an impious act, a treachery and a greater guilt. Catholic Churches, since their inception, managed to define and accommodate voyeurism in their philosophies, called: common sins committed by men. According to the church, it as a heinous act of criminality; act against God’s teachings, for which one must be punished for grave sins they committed. The consideration of declaring it an act against God’s teaching has made a permanent place in their theory.

My point, we are a curious beings, we learn from our experiences, we sought knowledge on the subjects we are not known of, be it carnal. Considering the facts, can voyeurism be ever stopped? Even discouraged, can anyone really control themselves from not assaulting others’ privacy, one way or the other? May we describe it as an immoral act for which one must be punished, the weight of intentionally denying the opportunity of learning what one always have been curious about can not be dismissed, therefore, voyeurism as well as pornography can never be considered crime. Let us be humans and learn from our own faults, shall we?

It cannot be called a crime for motivating a crime, thought it can be described as a “reason for the crime” in a court, does it make a greater guilt for an accused to be banished from the society?

An over-exposed cleavage of a busty woman or her bulging bottoms undoubtedly arouses sexual desires in many straight males, or lesbians. Now, can her attire or fashion sense be charged for a criminal offence? May it inculcate a reason for crime, but will defining it morally or ethically wrong and banishing it from her closet serves a greater justice? Will voyeurism stop? BTW, it shall sure reap a woman from her right to clothing.

The more we discuss about it, the more complex it tend to be. Some Experts suggest that pornography can be used for treating Voyeurism. My Question, can a digital form of voyeurism help eliminate a physical voyeurism in any way? I personally don’t think so! Will this work for juveniles, whose instance for voyeurism exceeds that of an adult; to whom the moral policies of a society is hard to apply?

We all are a “Peeping Tom.” Pornography and voyeurism go hand in hand, and one defines other, but are they motive for crime?